Deneheir Felnor

A warrior who seeks knowledge in far away lands.


A fighter who seeks to further his skills as a warrior. He travels to a far away land to continue his family’s endless search for knowledge.


Deneheir Felnor comes from a line of nobility in the city of Fenheir. He is the older brother of Ogheim. The Felnor family believe in the power of knowledge for they were raised under the beliefs of the gods Deneir, the god of writing, and Oghma, the god of knowledge. They passed the principles of their beliefs to their children and children’s children and so forth. The family runs the city’s library and holds one of the largest source of information and recordings in the area. They acquire them through traveling and trading across the world and bring back the collections of information to the library. Deneheir wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a knight and also honor everything his family believes in. His family even got him a mentor to teach him how to fight. However Deneheir knew that this city could only teach him so much. So one day he decides to set out on a journey to unknown lands, to learn about them, and to continue his training to become a knight. As like most of his family before him he will bring back new sources of knowledge as he goes on his journey. He will do all he can to honor his people.

Deneheir Felnor

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